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“Yabi”on the Shore

Puppet Theater Hitomiza
Age: 5+| Duration: 80 mins| Japanese (no subtitles)

A miracle fantasy with small creatures.

’This world is so amazing!’

One sunny summer day, I met a very strange, fluffy creature, which looks like a hedgehog walking with two legs.

This story is about a big challenge and the adventures of Yabi, a boy from the Kui Tribe who lives near Mudguide Water lake with his friends.

Original Story: “Yabi” on the Shore by Kaho Nashiki (published by Fukuinkan Shoten).
Illustration by Sakae Ozawa.


N1 Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
Museum Auditorium

(16-1) Fri 27th July 13:00

(16-2) Fri 27th July 17:00

Door opens: 30 mins before the show starts.

Supported by:

The Japan Arts Fund

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