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Vol. 1 Okinawa: Creation for Creation
By Yorozu Engeki Seisakujo

  • EventsDate: Tue July 23rd - Wed July 24th
    Venue: N1 Nahart 1F Small Theater
  • SeminarDate: Thur July 25th - Sun July 28th
    Venue: N4 4F Tembus Hall


Yorozu Engeki Seisakujo employs theatre as a means to portray the intricate dilemmas of human society, the enduring sorrow, and the profound solitude of the human spirit. Issues that often defy resolution in reality – transforming them into “Stories” that transcend mere words, resonating deeply within the spectators’ hearts.

The memorable debut work is set in Okinawa, a land steeped in spirituality capable of transmuting both joy and sorrow into songs and dances. Our aim is to create a play with potency of social discourse, inspired by the intrinsic power of this island. The work is to capture the essence of “Contemporary Okinawa”.

Marie Gonohe

Born in 1980, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Marie graduated from Waseda University with a specialization in Theatre and Film Studies from the Faculty of Letters I. Marie joined the Bungakuza Theatre Institute as a 45th-year student and subsequently became company member in 2010. Marie has actively participated in a multitude of performances, both within and outside the Bungakuza Theatre Company, serving roles in the directing department and as an assistant director.

In 2016, she made her directorial debut with Mantaro Kubota’s “Rudder” at Bungakuza Atelier Gathering. Her directed works include “Three Sisters” (Kawasaki Art Center, in 2018), “The Lower Depths” (New National Theatre, in 2019), “The Cherry Orchard” (Kawasaki Art Center, in 2020), “Two Men Playing with Life” (independent project, in 2021), “Misanthrope” (Kawasaki Art Center, in 2022), “New Hamlet, or Dazai Osamu usurping Shakespeare?” (PARCO Theater, in 2023), “Les femmes savantes (The Learned Ladies)” (Kawasaki Art Center, in 2023), “Memorandum No.136” (Kinokuniya Hall, in 2023), “Tanaka the Soldier” (Kichijoji Theatre, in 2024), “The Woman called Macbeth’s wife” (Seinen Theatre Studio YUI, in 2024), “Arabian Nights” (Bungakuza Atelier, in 2024).

In 2022, Marie was honored with the Best Director Award at the 30th Yomiuri Theatre Grand Prix for her direction of “Coffee and Love” (Bungakuza Atelier), “The Coming of a Lady” (New National Theatre), and “Venus in Fur” (Theatre Tram).


  • Thur 23rd July17:00
  • Wed 24 July11:00
  • Wed 24 July17:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts


N1 Nahart 1F Small Theater
  • 3-26-27 Kumoji, Naha 〒900-0015

How to Think about the History of Japanese Theatre

  • Thur 25th July10:00 - 12.00
  • Fri 26th July10:00 - 12:00
  • Sat 28th July10:00 - 12:00


N1 Nahart 1F Small Theater
  • 4F 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha (on Kokusai-dori street) 〒900-0013


Theater Critic: Pedro Nishido