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frequently asked questions

What is ricca ricca*festa?

It is an international performing arts festival for families which takes place in Okinawa, Japan every year. The festival aims to be accessible to anyone, from 0 year old to adults, regardless of languages and nationalities

When and where does the festival take place?

ricca ricca*festa takes place every year at the end of July, mainly in Naha City, Okinawa. During the period, there will be performances everyday at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00.

In 2020, the dates will be different to usual and it will be from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th May 2020. As the festival approaches the programme information will be available on the website.

Is there any age restriction to see the performances?

ricca ricca*festa is a festival for all ages and each programme has a recommended age group. Even though the recommendation is for small children, we make sure all performances can be enjoyed by adults as well. Please do not hesitate to come to see the performances with only adults!

When and where can I purchase the tickets?

Tickets are available online (email), by telephone and in person. As the festival approaches, booking information will be available on the website.

How much is a ticket?

Please check the Tickets page for 2019 ticket information.

Can I choose my seat in advance?

In principle the festival performance seats are non-reserved. You will be asked to queue before the door opens to enter the auditorium. The door open time depends on the performance, but normally it is 15 minutes before the performance starts.

Do my small children need tickets too?

All children, even a 0 year old to sit on the lap, are required to hold a ticket for the performance (except free performances and programmes with different conditions, which should be specified). Please make use of the set tickets (FRIEND 3 and FRIEND 5) to enjoy the performance with families and friends.

I cannot make the performance. Can I cancel my ticket?

Once booked and purchased, no cancellation or change can be made.

I lost my ticket.

Tickets cannot be reissued. Please keep the tickets carefully until the day of the performance once purchased.

Will there be tickets at the door?

If the performance is not sold out, tickets at the door will be sold at the venue of the performance from 10-15 minutes before the performance starts (subject to change). Please note door tickets are NOT available at the ticket center.). If the performance is sold out, there will be not tickets at the door. We recommend to book your tickets in advance.

Can I take photos during the performance?

Any sorts of recording including photography, video and sound during the performance without permission is strictly prohibited. Some performances may allow photos after the performance. Please check with the staff at the venue. Most of the festival venues are attended by many children. We would appreciate your careful usages of the photos taken (for example sharing on social media) when there are children who are not your family members in the photo, whether it is inside or outside the venue.

Can I eat and drink inside the venue?

Please refrain from eating and drinking inside the venue. If you need to take a drink inside (for your children, etc.) please bring in a container which can be sealed such as a plastic bottle. Plastic cups with a straw may not be allowed. Please be considerate of other audiences and refrain from bringing fizzy drinks or drinks with strong smell such as coffee.

Can I come in a wheelchair?

Most festival venues are temporary theatres and there are limited spaces for wheelchairs. We kindly ask to contact us in advance to check about the access and availability.

Is the festival barrier free?

As most festival venues are temporary theatres, some venues are not barrier free. If you need special assistance, please kindly contact the festival in advance.

Is there a parking?

There is no parking for the festival. Please use public parking, or use public transportation.

When will the performance finish?

The duration of the performance is mentioned in the description page for each performance. We would appreciate your understanding that sometimes the performance may start late.

I may be late for the performance.

Depending on the performance, there are different timings for latecomers to go in. Please follow instructions of the front of house staff. Some performances may restrict latecomers. We recommend to arrive at the venue with time to spare.

Can I leave and come back during the performance?

In principle it is possible (for example a child need to go to lavatory) but some performances may have restriction. Depending on the venue, we cannot guarantee to return to the same seat.

I want to be informed about the future festivals.

Please subscribe to the festival newsletter here to receive news from the festival, and follow us on social media:


I do not want to receive newsletters from the festival anymore.

Please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link on the email newsletter, or go to the Unsubscribe page.

I want to join the festival as a volunteer.

ricca ricca*festa is supported by many volunteers every year. Please check the Volunteers page for details.

[For corporates, organisations and individuals] I want to support the festival.

ricca ricca*festa seeks for support from corporate, organisations and individuals who understand and agree with the activities of the festival. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

[For artists and theatre companies] I want to present my work at the festival.

Please refer to the How to apply page about the application for the festival.

[For delegates] Is there a package for professionals?

We have professional packages which include tickets for performances and invitations to programmes for delegates. As the festival approaches, the delegates page will open on the website.