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Tamatsu’s Love - from Kumiodori ‘Temizu-no-en’

ACO Okinawa
Age: 9+| Duration: 70 mins| In Japanese (no subtitles)

This love never stops - a pure and dangerous love story of Tamatsu and Yamato.

Yamato, is a young man who cannot feel hopeful to live. Tamatsu, is a girl whose being itself brings happiness to others. When these two meet, their deadly love sparks. It is the forbidden love which cannot be known by anyone.

One night, however, their love is revealed… What will happen to the two, torn and distanced? Where will their love end up?


N9 Himeyuri Peace Hall

(23-1) Sun 22nd July 11:00

(23-2) Mon 23rd July 19:00 

(23-3) Tue 24th July 13:00

(23-4) Wed 24th July 15:00

(23-5) Wed 25th July 19:00

Door opens: 15 mins before the show starts.

Mon 23rd July at 19:00: Post-show talk in Japanese and English,

Tue 24th July at 13:00: Post-show talk in Japanese only.

Supported by:

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018

The Japan Arts Council

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