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【Recruitment Closed】We Are Recruiting Paid Volunteer Staff for ricca ricca*festa 2023!

Recruiting of Paid Volunteer Staff for ricca ricca*festa 2023 is closed.

Thank you for your application!(2023.5.18 added)


We are currently recruiting Paid Volunteer Staff for ricca ricca*festa 2023 (International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth Okinawa 2023) – to help build the festival together!

Every year, ricca ricca*festa organises a program entitled ‘My Theatre‘. It is based at each venue of the festival and aimed towards creating a better theatre experience for festival visitors and the artists who perform there.

Other than simply show people to the entrance or hand out tickets and so on, there are a number of further things to consider and plan for such as:

– How can we make the audience feel comfortable when they enter the venue?
– How can we ensure that the audience enjoys the performance in the best possible environment?
– How can we prepare for the artists to perform at the venue so that they can fully demonstrate their abilities?

The aim of the programme is to create a better theatre experience through the ingenuity and cooperation of each group based on important questions and considerations such as these.

The programme also includes student interns from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other overseas countries, so staff interaction is also an important aspect of the role.

Mixed groups of local volunteers and international student interns will be formed, and each group will be assigned a venue to work on in order to improve that venue.

Workshops for ‘My Theatre’ volunteer staff will be held before the festival, so it is perfectly fine if you have no previous experience. We welcome anyone who is interested in theatre and event management, as well as those who are interested in working in an international environment and learning hospitality to welcome guests or working with children!

Recruitment requirements

Training period:
22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun) July 2023

Work period:
24th (Mon) – 30th (Sun) July 2023

6-8 hours a day from 9:00-22:00.

Nahato, Tembusu Hall, Himeyuri Peace Hall etc.


– Reception, preparation and clean-up of the entire venue including dressing rooms etc.
– Reception handling during performances
– Guidance and information inside the venue
– Announcements inside the venue
– Emergency guidance etc.


1. A volunteer gratuity of 500 Yen per hour. *Please note transportation expenses are not provided.

2. Those who participate for more than 8 hours a day will be paid +500 Yen for food.

3. Free pass tickets for theatre performances will be handed out. During the free time of your volunteer period you can watch any theatre performance of your choice (applicable for you only).

4. You will receive a free pass to see a theatre performance of your choice during the free time of your volunteer period.

Preference will be given to those who:

– are good at greeting people.
– can attend all days.
– have good daily English conversation skills.

How to apply

1. Apply via completing the online form at:


2. Application by fax

Please title the fax as “Volunteer Application” indicating:
1) Your name
2) Age
3) Gender
4) Contact details

And send it to fax number: 098-887-1334.

Details about the interview and pre-workshop will be provided to applicants. Please contact us first.

The deadline for applications is 10 July 2023.

In addition to ‘My Theatre’, we are also looking for short-term Part-time Office staff. Please call us for more information on this position as well.

☆  Contact details of Paid Volunteer Co-ordinator

Yoshiko Kinjo – Mail: yottinf@yahoo.co.jp

ricca ricca*festa Office – Tel: 098-943-1357 / Mail: kangeki@acookinawa.com