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Little Pobon and the Moon

Theatre Company INZOU
Age: 3+| Duration: 40 mins| Non-verbal

Pobon, the little elephant, sings, dances and takes you to the jungle of fun!

A life-size child elephant puppet called Pobon is coming to Okinawa! Created from an experience at the elephant camp in Thailand, this production premiered at Tokyo in 2017 with extra shows due to high demand. Three performers manipulate the life-size puppet carefully, sometimes daringly, using the techniques of Japanese Bunraku. It's 40 minutes of joy with children. Please enjoy the original songs in the performance as well!

There was a child elephant. His name was Pobon, because his farts sound like Pobon. One day he meets a human girl and falls in love. Pobon asks his mum ‘How can I become a human?’
Pobon does everything to become a human, and…!
A bittersweet story of a child elephant who falls in love with a human girl.


N12 Naha Greenery Centre
(Ticket Centre)

(9-1) Tue 24th July 13:00

(9-2) Tue 24th July 15:00

(9-3) Wed 25th July 11:00 

(9-4) Wed 25th July 15:00

Door opens: 15 mins before the show starts.