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compagnia RODISIO
Asian Premiere
Age: 3+| Duration: 40 mins| Non-verbal

A dance performance for children from 3 years old.

To tell a feeling.
A feel of the soul, impalpable and delicate, an emotion that is born inside of our self to go outside.
A little surprise is joy, the wonder is joy. To contemplate a beautiful thing is joy.
If you feel joy you feel stronger, joy can take you over the fear.
Joy immediately transforms the body, the heart beats faster, the breath irregular.
A smile is born on the face.
Joy is a state of mind that reveals him to the world.
Joy is taking and giving, to welcome for regenerate.
The joy have curious and kindly eyes. The joy are ears really close to the heart trying to feel every pulsation, every breath.
Joy is a training of sensitivity.
Joy means to be never alone, even when you are by your self.
Joy means taking hands in your pocket and holding on tight to a chestnut for making courage.
Joy is also love.
It comes from inside and it opens to the world in a marvelous need of empathy.
It's going to seek discovery.
There’s a little word, there’s a pair of wings.
This is the story of a little child and his emotional education.


N9 Himeyuri Peace Hall

(10-1) Thur 26th July 15:00

(10-2)  Tue 27th July 15:00

Door opens: 15 mins before the show starts.

Supported by:

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018

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