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A Tree and a Boy

The Befu
South Korea
Age: 4+| Duration: 50 mins| Non-verbal

Fascinating Korean reconstitution of the most universal story!

A Tree and a Boy is a non-verbal puppetry performance, of which the stage, puppets, and music are of traditional Korean flavours and colours. Showing the lives of a tree and a boy together, it shows that birth, growth, maturity, and death are beautiful and natural parts of our lives. From Spring to Winter, and to a new Spring again.


N4 Welfare Center

(12-1) Tue 22nd July 11:00

(12-2) Tue 22nd July 13:00

(12-3) Wed 23rd July 17:00

Door Open: 15 mins before the show starts

Supported by:

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018

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