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The End of Everything Ever

NIE Theatre
Norway, Czech Republic, UK
Age: 14+| Duration: 70 mins| Multilingual


NIE shines a light onto some of Europe’s darkest history and emerges with a story of survival, love and hope. A story about how selfless people tried to save the lives of children in a time when the future was at stake. Agata is 6 years old, she is going to the railway station with her father, everyone is very happy, only she has the strange feeling that she will never see him again. On the train tired and hungry she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name tag tied around her neck and very slowly consumes her name and address erasing any chance of getting back home again.

Drawing on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport, NIE shine a light into some of our continents darkest history and emerge with a story of survival, love and hope. Using a six-piece band on stage, multiple languages, and an array of theatrical styles from clowning to high tragedy NIE bring you in their epic show The End of Everything Ever. The End of Everything Ever has been played over 400 times in 28 countries during the last 18 years and is today one of NIE's classic productions.

A message from the artists: 

Dear people of Okinawa, dear people of ricca ricca*festa!

We are so excited about being invited back to your island and the festival.

Coming to Okinawa is one of our greatest theatre memories, and now we want to make more memories together this summer. We look forward to play our performance The End of Everything Ever and to meet the people of Okinawa again, to enjoy the food, the beautiful landscape and to meet theatre practitioners from Japan and all over the world. We cannot wait to meet Mr. Hisashi Shimoyama and his fantastic team! ❤️

Greetings from NIE


N2 NAHArt 3F Large Studio

(9-1) Fri 26th July 17:00

(9-2) Sat 27th July 19:00

(9-3) Sun 28th July 13:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts.



Supported by:

ricca ricca festa international TYA theater for young audiences children japan asia

Subsidy for the Promotion of Culture and the Arts by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Comprehensive Support Program for Performing Arts (International Art Exchange)) through the Japan Arts Council