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Comme La Pluie (Like the Rain)

FOULE Théâtre
Age: 8+| Duration: 55 mins| French with Japanese Interpreter

Why I paint.

“When I was 8, 9 years - I was a child -, I loved to draw. Especially when I was bored. I drew all the time. One day, a Sunday, one of my aunts was leaning over my shoulder while I was drawing. She told me: “Wow, you have a nice pencil shot!”. I did not really understand what she meant, but I felt it was a compliment. And I gave her my drawing…”

A message from the artist:

"Five years ago, we played our show Comme la pluie at the Ricca Ricca Festival . How delighted we were to be invited back to play this unique show, in which drawings play a central role. Once again, live translation will be provided by Yuika Hokama, who seems to be a regular visitor to our painter's studio. Originally from Okinawa, she now lives in France, and like our character, she could pick up a pencil and start a beautiful creation."

Yuika Hokama
French/Japanese translator



N5 Okinawa Women's Federation Center

(6-1) Tue 23rd July 19:00

(6-2) Fri 26th July 13:00

(6-3) Sat 27th July 19:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts.



Supported by:

ricca ricca festa international TYA theater for young audiences children japan asia

Subsidy for the Promotion of Culture and the Arts by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Comprehensive Support Program for Performing Arts (International Art Exchange)) through the Japan Arts Council