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Sound World & LIVE MANGA

Age: 2+| Duration: 45 mins| Non-verbal

Pantomime comedy for the whole family! Made in Japan.   

Pantomime Duo “GABEZ” presents a physical and comical theatre that is simple and enjoyable for all types of audience - from very young children to elderly, and transcending cultural barriers. In 2021, their famous “Pictogram Performance” brought GABEZ to the global spotlight during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2020 held in Tokyo.

This time the Duo presents their new production “O-TO-FU-RU”: Vibrating with Sound. Entertaining with Sound. Falling Sound. Whether intelligible or not, the beings do have Sound. In addition to “O-TO-FU-RU” the Duo presents a hilarious performance titled “Live Manga” which received the International Best Performance Award at the Busan International Comedy Festival.

A message from the artists: 

"We hope you enjoy the gentle, warm and slightly mysterious view of the world. This year's production is also something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Moreover, there will be two parts: “O-TO-FU-RU” a new work created for the rikka rikka festival, and “Live Manga,” an award-winning manga created overseas. We hope you enjoy them!"

Written by: GABEZ
Director: GABEZ


N3 NAHArt 1F Small Studio

(12-1) Wed 24th July 15:00 O-TO-FU-RU

(12-2) Wed 24th July 17:00 Live Manga

(12-3) Wed 24th July 19:00 O-TO-FU-RU

(12-4) Thur 25th July 13:00 O-TO-FU-RU

(12-5) Thur 25th July 17:00 Live Manga

(12-6) Thur 25th July 19:00 O-TO-FU-RU

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts.