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The Squirrel, the Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit

Friend Performance
Age: 4+| Duration: 65 mins| In Japanese (no subtitles)

When your heart falters, how do you get your strength back?

This is a story of small animals living in a forest within the U.K. The forest has everything they need, but it is also home to weasels and owls. So, you can never be too careful. Where do they get the wisdom and strength to live with the dangers of everyday life? Hand puppets softly question us.


N9 Welfare Hall, 3rd Floor

(12-1) Mon 24th July 17:00

(12-2) Tue 25th July 11:00

(12-3) Tue 25th July 13:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts.

There is a talk after each show.

*Under 4 are not allowed to enter.