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La Llave Maestra V
Asia Premiere
Age: 6+| Duration: 70 mins| Non-verbal

What does it look like?

Enter a world of imagination beyond words

When things are not what they seem. When you look closely and a jacket turns into a singer, a tutu into an ostrich, plastic into a volcano. Bodies in continuous transformation, forms that come to life, seas of plastic that dance like giant waves. A poetic and comic universe that is waiting to be discovered in our daily lives. A journey into the imagination without words where it is only necessary to observe playfully the things that surround us to discover their stories.

PAREIDOLIA is a visual and sensorial show, where the expressive force of the play lies in its creativity and in the constant game of transformation of the scenic elements. Expect surprising associations, analogies and visual metaphors, capable of making the spectator participate creatively. It's a game with the audience where they can see, touch and be touched by elements, materials and characters, born from a universe where everything can come to life.

With more than 100 performances throughout Chile and in theatres, fairs and festivals in Belgium, Holland, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil, PAREIDOLIA has an excellent reception from both the public and the press for its surprising language and poetic staging.


N1 NAHArt Small Studio, 1st Floor

(5-1) Mon 24th July 13:00

(5-2) Tue 25th July 13:00

(5-3) Wed 26th July 19:00

Doors open: 20 mins before the show starts.


G1 Garaman Hall

(G5-1) Fri 28th July 11:00

Doors open: 20 mins before the show starts.


S1 Sawafuji Future Hall

(S5-1) Sun 30th July 13:00

Doors open: 20 mins before the show starts.