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GABEZ Theatre
『The Promise』

Age: All Ages| Duration: 45 mins| Non-verbal

Tears of laughter with no dialogue.

A hilarious comedy! Made in Japan. 

This is a comical performance of pantomime and dance for the whole family to enjoy and laugh together.

This year, Gabez, will perform "Promise," a piece enjoyed by audiences in Japan and abroad. It's the first stage production by the group and they will perform it again here in Okinawa, the place of their theatre debut.

It's a hot summer day. Two good friends make a light-hearted promise to win the world series. Very proudly, they hold this treasure just the two of them. This promise, this thing that pulses faintly but constant, seems to be the only thing that matters in this bright world. This is the story of their warm, but slightly tearful, friendship. Their pure and noble promise, without any ulterior motives, is a dazzling tale for grown-ups too.


N9 Welfare Center 3F

(17-1) Sat 29th July 11:00

(17-2) Sat 29th July 13:00

(17-3) Sun 30th July 11:00

(17-4) Sun 30th July 13:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts.