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Post uit Hessdalen
Asian Premiere
Flanders Focus
Age: 5+| Duration: 25 mins| Non-verbal

On board of his small truck, PAKMAN invites the audience for a rhythmical circus performance. PAKMAN lives faster than a mouse can click. Drives around the country to deliver packages – always precisely on time. 1 package, 2 forms, 3 stamps, 6 autographs, 450 times a day, 159.750 packages a year and in return 10 holidays. PAKMAN is a sole and invisible man in our virtual economy.

PAKMAN is a duel between the rhythms of juggler Stijn Grupping and drummer Frederik Meulyzer. Together they explore the hastiness of ‘our’ time. How does this imposed speed oppose our natural rhythms such as breathing and heartbeat? Stijn and Frederik let the rhythms and routines of their bouncing balls and drums dialogue. Their instruments harmonize and clash.

The truck of PAKMAN stops on a square, parking or playground. There, forty spectators may come on board for an intense live music experience.

Only 500 yen per ticket.


N10 Special Open Air Stage, Palette Kumoji Forecourt

(10-1) Sat 23rd July 13:00

(10-2) Sat 23rd July 15:00

(10-3) Sun 24th July 11:00

(10-4) Sun 24th July 13:00

(10-5) Mon 25th July 13:00

(10-6) Mon 25th July 15:00

(10-7) Tue 26th July 11:00

(10-8) Tue 26th July 13:00

(10-9) Wed 27th July 13:00

(10-10) Wed 27th July 15:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts


Garaman Hall

(G2-1) Thur 28th July 15:00

(G2-2) Thur 28th July 17:00

(G2-3) Thur 28th July 19:00

(G2-4) Fri 29th July 11:00

(G2-5) Fri 29th July 13:00

(G2-6) Fri 29th July 15:00

(G2-7) Sat 30th July 11:00

(G2-8) Sat 30th July 13:00

(G2-9) Sat 30th July 15:00

Doors open: same time as the show starts



ACO Okinawa


The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council