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Mia Kermis - Mia Fair

Lucinda Ra
Asian Premiere
Age: 10+ (with adult)| Duration: 80 mins| Non-verbal

Puppet theatre for adults

Near the former house of Stefanie Claes is a ‘foundlings drawer’ - a closed space where mothers can leave their newborn babies as a foundling. This place fascinates Stefanie immensely and she tries to understand it. The image of a newborn child that was cut loose from its roots seemed to Stefanie a start for an important story. Throughout her search, she visited old city archives and in it, she found the sentence 'a foundling has strictly no past'. But isn’t everyone coming from somewhere? What is the meaning of our past for ourselves and for our future?

She discovered long lists and documents with different names of foundlings. From Marie Orgy and Engelbertus Thirsty to Maria Iceroll and Anne Theresia Fair. The civil servants of the city gave names to foundlings inspired by the circumstances in which the children were found. 'Mia Fair' is a salute to all foundlings who have ever lived, honoring the imagination and curiosity about our origins.

On the basis of an army of homemade dolls and drawings, Stefanie tells the visual wordless story of Mia Fair, a child that has to look for her own beginning if she wants to grow up. The result is an intimate miniature theatre for adults where children are welcome.

*To be watched with an adult.


N3 Nahart Small Studio

(19-1) Tue 26th July 17:00

(19-2) Wed 27th July 15:00

(19-3) Wed 27th July 19:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts


ACO Okinawa


The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council