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Lost in the Forest

Company of Hospitality 2022
Age: All ages| Duration: 60 mins| Non-verbal

From babies to the elderly, children can together enjoy a healing theater experience wrapped in kindness and comfort.

Lost in the forest, you would encounter so many mysterious things. With beautiful music, lights to dazzle, gentle wind and enchanting fragrance, the deep forest tells a curious story for you.

Don’t worry about any disability or developmental disorder. It's not necessary to keep still or sit down properly. In a relaxed atmosphere, this sensory performance provides exciting and beautiful experiences to be shared by the whole family together.

A message from the company:
When applying, please let us know what your child is not good at and what you need us to consider. We will prepare in advance materials for children with autism.

Please wear something green and participate.


* 1 adult + 1 child ... 2,000 yen
(Additional ticket: Adults: 1,000 yen / Children: 500 yen)


* Visit fee: 2,000 yen for adults


Please contact us by phone or email.

TEL: 098-943-1357
Mail: kangeki@acookinawa.com


N3 Nahart Small Studio

① Sat 30th July 11:00

② Sat 30th July 17:00

③ Sun 31st July 11:00

④ Sun 31st July 13:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts


Agency for Cultural Affairs Theater Planning Network, a specified non-profit organization

Agency for Cultural Affairs consignment business Reiwa 4th year Cultural arts activity promotion project by persons with disabilities