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LIFE a Mudpie

The 10 Finger Theatre
Japan Premiere
Age: 4-9| Duration: 40 mins| Non-verbal

A theatre show without words! Funny, playful and uplifting – for the big kids and the little kids. Two creatures come out of the shadows, find a bag of earth, they start to play and discover what life is all about. Life is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together! The youngest audiences enjoy watching the two figures on stage come alive, discover each other and the earth around them. They roll around with laughter as the two characters on stage, the boy and the girl or the man and the woman, taste the mud, play with it, create animals, lands, life and love out of the mud.

But the older audiences read the same story on a different level, they read the history of earth, creation of Man, Darwin’s theory of evolution, how land is divided, borders made up, the cause of wars and how trough laughter and playfulness we can make peace and heal wounds. How everything starts from nothing – a story about the circle of life.



N4 Tenbusu Naha Hall

(7-1) Mon 25th July 13:00

(7-2) Tue 26th July 15:00

(7-3) Wed 27th July 11:00

(7-4) Fri 29th July 15:00

(7-5) Sat 30th July 13:00

(7-6) Sat 30th July 17:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts


ACO Okinawa

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council