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Sansho Dayu

Tokyo Musical Ensemble
Age: 6+| Duration: 60 mins| In Japanese(with subtitles)

Once upon a time, the lord of the Tohoku region, Hangan Masausi Iwaki, was defeated in battle and his family scattered to various places. His children, Anju and Zushiou, and their mother, also went into exile and set off on a journey to safe place. On their way, however, they fell into the hands of traffickers and their mother was sold to a distant land, while Anju and Zushiou were sold to a bailiff named Sansho. The bailiff is a ruthless ruler who uses many slaves, and the two struggle with their unfamiliar work and complain of their bad luck, but there is nothing they can do. Eventually, the two discuss a plan to escape, but unfortunately they are overheard. Then they treated cruelly and locked up in a prison and nearly starve to death. The older sister, Anju, has no choice but to let the Zushiou escape, even if it means risking her own life. And then…


N2 NAHArt Large Theatre2

(10-1) Tue 4th January 15:00

(10-2) Wed 5th January 13:00

(10-3) Wed 5th January 17:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts.


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主催/文化庁、公益財団法人 日本児童青少年演劇協会
制作/公益社団法人 日本児童青少年演劇協会