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The Little Book

Teatr Baj
Focus On Poland
Age: 6 months - 3| Duration: 30 mins + play time 15 mins| Non-verbal

When is the best time to start your adventure with a book? The best time is the baby time, from the beginning, right away.

Please come and see our amazing book – full of colours, shapes and sounds. We know that a book serves children great in discovering the world. And if you make it an outstanding theatrical book – you just can’t get your eyes off it!

Although the children cannot read yet, they perceive the world with all their senses and learn much more than they will ever learn after. Our book sports no letters, but it does show amazing pictures. It reveals many mysteries, things to discover, tells the little ones about the world showing them how fascinating it can be.

* Baby Theatre Ticket can be used.





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N1 Museum Lecture Room

(5-1) Tue 23rd July 13:00

(5-2) Tue 23rd July 17:00

Doors opens: 15 mins before the show starts


G2 Garaman Hall Stage

(5-3) Thur 25th July 10:30 (start time has changed - previously 13:00)

Doors opens: 15 mins before the show starts

ricca ricca festa international TYA theater for young audiences children japan asia

ACO Okinawa

Supported by:

ricca ricca festa international TYA theater for young audiences children japan asia

Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2019