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KUUKI (Polish Ver.)

Art Fraction Foundation
Focus On Poland
Age: 0-18 months| Duration: 30 mins| Non-verbal

Dynamically, lightly, airy, elusively – Kuuki is a quest for energy. Can the wind be touched? How does the air smell? How does the breath sound? Each of us – the youngest and the older one – experiences it on a daily basis, yet the air constantly enraptures us with it’s elusiveness, under consciousness, enchants with the promise of going up, attracts the possibility of flight, spinning.

Dancers and instrumentalist take viewers for a journey to search for materiality together, in what is so fleeting. They invite the air to be touched, felt, listened... In this delicate and safe space, artists, children and adults look for mutual experiences and inspire each other. Movement, sound and image are filled with air.

KUUKI is a Japanese-Polish production, for which JIENKYO (Japanese Theater Union for Children and Youth) invited the creative duet Barbara Małecka and Alicja Morawska-Rubczak, which for almost ten years have been dealing with the development of the theater for the youngest in Poland and the promotion of home theater for children abroad. Also as stage designers and directors together they create performances dedicated to children under the age of three. They were joined by an outstanding Japanese accordionist Kanako Kato.

* Baby Theatre Ticket can be used.




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N6 Mekaru Elementary School Community Room

(2-1) Sun 21st July 13:00

(2-2) Mon 22nd July 11:00

Doors opens: 15 mins before the show starts