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KUUKI (Japan Ver.)

Age: 0-18 months| Duration: 30 mins| Non-verbal

A beautiful, gentle, mesmerising time created with the live music of the chromatic accordion and dance. It is a special experience only at this time, at this space.

This is the second Baby Theatre piece by JIENKYO, created in collaboration with the director and scenic designer from Poland. The performance was developed through devising, bringing out each dancer's creativity, and stimulate babies' curiosity while staying close with them. The music of the accordion fills up the whole room and create a safe, comfortable space. The performance consists of 2 sections: first half is the performance part where the audience will be drawn into the world of KUUKI and it shifts amazingly to the second part which the audience are invited to interact.

* Baby Theatre Ticket can be used.


N6 Mekaru Elementary School Community Room

(3-1) Sun 21st July 11:00

(3-2) Mon 22nd July 13:00

Doors open: 15 mins before the show starts

Agency for Cultural Affairs / JIENKYO

Supported by:

ricca ricca festa international TYA theater for young audiences children japan asia

Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2019