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Comme la pluie (Like the rain)

Foule Théâtre
Asian Premiere
Age: 8+| Duration: 55 mins| In French with a Japanese Interpreter

When I was 8, 9 years - I was a child, I loved to draw. Especially when I was bored. I drew all the time. One day, a Sunday, one of my aunts was leaning over my shoulder while I was drawing. She told me: “Wow, you have a nice pencil shot!”. I did not really understand what she meant, but I felt it was a compliment. And I gave her my drawing…


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N8 Naha City Kyodo Plaza 1F Womens Center

(29-1) Tue 23rd July 19:00

(29-2) Wed 24th July 17:00

(29-3) Wed 24th July 19:00

Door Open: When the performance starts