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Theater De Spiegel
Asian Premiere
Age: 0-3| Duration: 90 mins| Non-verbal

It is an on-going performance lab in which we invite artists/musicians of different backgrounds to improvise together in relation to the installation modules, the space and of course the very inquisitive audience. A cozy play area, an oasis of peace containing a nest, a sleeve tunnel house, a bamboo hut, a camp, a ladder tent, etc. In-between playing, building and discovering, incredulous eyes, busy hands, open mouths, small steps carried along at their own tempo by what they see, hear and feel.

* Baby Theatre Ticket can be used.

Supported by


N5 Naha Shintoshin Christ Church

(4-1) Fri 26th Month 11:00

(4-2) Fri 26th Month 15:00

(4-3) Sat 27th Month 11:00

(4-4) Sat 27th Month 15:00

Door Open: When the performance starts