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Wonderful Life

  • Venue: N10 Special Open Air Stage, Palette Kumoji Forecourt
  • Tue 26th July 2022 17:00~
  • Free entry

Cheery songs for all the people!

Featuring a band of three musicians who work during the day as an accountant, dance choreographer and resident chef at WAHAHA Honpo, and have band practice sessions after.

In addition to the band members, four other friends join to sing cheery songs for the younger generation, with lyrics written by the President and Director, Hajime Tabe, who is also a member of the band. The entire Wahaha Honpo performance crew is now on national tour. Enjoy the show!

☆Message from the band☆
We are looking forward to meeting you all! Corona and the current situation has unfortunately brought an unstable world. But we wish for a return to bright and happy days and we will sing as hard as we can!

☆Members of the band☆
Akihiko Murai
Takashi Sugawara
Chef Yoneyama
Shinya Tama

EAT Hajime


Duration: 45 mins.
The performance date, time and venue may be subject to change.