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Asian TYA Network: Let’s talk about TYA in Asia!

ricca * ricca symposium
  • @ Naha Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt: Special symposium venue and Online
  • Thursday 6th January 2022
  • 19.00 - 21.00

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Asia TYA Network is a residency programme that has been held at Ricca Ricca Festa since 2016. It brings together artists, producers, critics, and researchers from various countries in Asia to deepen their understanding of the current situation of theatre for young audiences (TYA), youth theatre, and drama and theatre education in Asia, and to explore ways to work together across cultural and national boundaries.
In the past programmes, participants watched plays performed at the Ricca Ricca Festa and participated in symposiums and seminars to learn about the characteristics and current situations of TYA in Asia and around the world. Even after the Festa, some of them continued their dialogues and exchanges: they participated together in other TYA festivals in Asia, and visited Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Myanmar to interview local arts organizations and artists to investigate the potential and challenges of theatre for children and youth in those countries.
This time, we will connect participants online. While welcoming new participants warmly and developing a new network, we will ask some of the past participants to report on their past and current activities. In addition, we will share the situations of children and TYA in our countries in Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also explore what hope and support these children need, and what theatre can do to help them.

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Admission free
Language: English
Number of participants: maximum 30 people

(If the number of participants exceeds the capacity, a lottery will be held)


Naha Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt: Special symposium venue and Online
  • Day 00xx Month00.00 - 00.00
  • Day 00xx Month00.00 - 00.00
  • Day 00xx Month00.00 - 00.00
  • 3-26-27 Kumoji, Naha City

How to apply

Please complete and submit the form.

Deadline: Tuesday, 28th December, 2021, at 9.00 p.m. in Japanese time
Announcement of adoption: Thursday, 30th December, 2021

This is a good chance to interact with TYA artists, producers, critics, and researchers in various countries in Asia. We look forward to your active participation.


  • Hisashi Shimoyama
    (Artistic Director of Ricca Ricca Festa)
    Norifumi Hida
    (Coordinators of the programme)