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The importance of a rich cultural environment for every child from Okinawa where its arts and culture are nurtured

  • Venue: N8 ricca ricca Studio (inside ACO Okinawa)
  • Sun 24th July
  • 15:00 - 17:00

Performing arts culture has always been vibrant within the local communities and life of Okinawa. Festivals and arts have the power to connect people, create communities, bring vitality and develop children’s sensibilities.

In Okinawa, a wonderful culture has been passed down through generations and in this symposium we want to think deeply about what are necessary platforms for children’s growth and development.

“To create a cultural platform for all children in their daily life” – we will take another look to further reflect on the present, during this occasion of Okinawa’s 50th anniversary after its reversion to Japan.


Junko Kumakura
Graduate School of International Art Creation, Tokyo University of the Arts

Tomoya Ogoshi
Art Manager (Commissioning Manager of Garaman Hall, Ginoza Cultural Centre)

Sayuri Chika
Ryukyuan dancer


Chika Kochi (Ochiai)
Representative Director, CoAr Incorporated Association, Keisley Co.


Children’s Art ACTION

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Event attendance, free of charge
  • 098-943-1357
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    Closed when full capacity is reached.
Online attendance (fee: 1,000 yen)