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Ticket Sales Status (Updated: 7/29)

It’s three years since ricca ricca*festa was held during the Summer time! Thanks to everyone who is looking forward to it!

We would like to inform you that some performances are now sold out and for others there are only a few tickets left.

Small amount of tickets left

7/29 (Fri) 11:00 Ode to Life

★ We recommend that you purchase these as soon as possible.


Tickets that are now sold out. Thanks!

7/23 (Sat) 15:00 Opera The Twelve Months

7/23 (Sat) -24 (Sun) Monkey Majik

7/23 (Sat)-25(Mon)  Golden Toys (6 performances in total)

7/24 (Sun) 11:00 Mouse’s Sumo Wrestling/Hello! Kankuro

7/24 (Sun) 13:00 Puppet Show “The Tale Of Dog And Cat”

7/28 (Thu) 11:00 We Touch, We Play, We Dance

7/28 (Thu) 13:00 The Right Way Around

7/29 (Fri) 13:00 The Right Way Around

7/31(Sun) 15:00 Kariyushi Consert