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Messages from artists all over the world – vol.3

We got a message from DynamO Théâtre (Quebec, Canada)

who took part in ricca ricca*festa in 2017 with their production I on the Sky!

〓━〓  ━〓━  〓━〓  ━〓━  〓━〓  ━〓━  〓━〓  ━〓━ 〓━〓  ━〓━

All our team and their family are fine.

The province of Quebec has been in complete confinement since March 15th.

Slowly, in some areas, the schools and shops are reopening.
Of course, the economy has enormously slowed down.
Our government is trying its best to support financially the industries,
the workers and the citizens. As we do with our cast and crew.

We spend a lot of time caring for our loved ones at home or, at least, via video conference.
With the arrival of spring and the warm weather, we are starting to go outside,
while respecting the instructions of public health.
For some people, it has been very difficult to stay indoor for so long!

As you can see, DynamO Théâtre’s team is working from home.
Our touring activities have been cancelled and postponed.
That doesn’t stop us from thinking about and putting forward projects
such as online workshops for young people and their families.

We also meet via ZOOM with our Quebec TYA Association.
Exchanging weekly with our colleagues producers is very heartwarming
and makes us see all there is outside of our sole company.

We think this is a good time to maintain our creativity and resource ourselves
by reading, taking master classes, drawing, listening to music, watching movies
and playing games with the family.
And sometimes, we just goof around to let the pressure out!
Singing out loud and dancing like idiots in the middle of the living room is great for that….!!!
It’s a good time to take the time!

The performing arts will still be here after this crisis.
And they will be even stronger than ever.
Can you imagine all the artists and creators
who are bursting with ideas for shows and who are holding back that creativity?
When the time comes to meet again, it will be time to share in this creative explosion!

Please cheers to all your patrons and your great public
that is waiting to rejoins with the festival ricca ricca*festa.
Take good care of yourself and your loved ones,
Can’t wait to see you all again, in Okinawa or elsewhere!!!

DynamO Théâtre