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Announcement of cancellations of performances

We are sorry to announce you that we have cancelled performances of “Dallae Story” (Korea) and “Buffalo Boy”(Cambodia).
We have been making preparations to realise these performances, however due to the strengthening of measures against the new coronavirus variant of Omicron, there is no prospect at this time of easing travel restrictions for January next year.
We would loved for everyone to see these two performances by the companies that accepted the four-week quarantine and did not give up until the end.
We are filled with regret that these performances could not be realised.
The performances are cancelled, but will be presented as video streaming with after-talk sessions.
We hope that you could enjoy watching the performances and interacting with the company members in the after-talk sessions.
We would like to send our support from Okinawa!
*Date and Time of the video streaming*
“Dallae Story”  Monday, January 10, 13:00
“Buffalo Boy”   Monday, January 10, 15:00