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Notice of 2 performance cancellations – “Yafuso GOGOGO” & “Mia Kermis – Mia Fair”

22nd July Announcement:

‘Mia Kermis – Mia Fair’ (Belgium)

The performance on Tuesday 26th – Wednesday 27th July has been cancelled.

ricca ricca*festa had been working with the members of ‘Watashi no Hajimari – Mia Circus’ to prepare for their performance in Okinawa, but one of the company members informed us that they could not leave the country because they tested positive for coronavirus at pre-departure inspection.

The company members were shocked by the result and sent us a message saying:
“We were all ready to leave for Okinawa and are very disappointed and saddened. We were looking forward to finally being able to deliver the production to you after months of mutual preparation.”

We are very sorry to inform all those looking forward to the performance who have purchased tickets.

ricca ricca*festa will continue to take measures against infectious diseases and make preparations so audiences can enjoy the performances.

Please take care of yourselves as the hot days continue.

17th July Announcement:

GOGOGO Sketch Urasoe Through Our Body “Yafuso GOGOGO″

Regarding “Urasoe Dance Sketch vol.1 Yafuso GOGOGO”, this performance will be cancelled due to a positive reaction of the new coronavirus infection as confirmed by the people involved in the performance.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who were looking forward to the performance.

We will contact the customers who have purchased these tickets. Thank you for your cooperation.