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“When you aren’t able to deliver theatre…” [Remote Interview]

[Remote Interview]
Yvette Hardie (South Africa)
ASSITEJ President

Full interview video:
(We apologise the video has some noises which may be disturbing.)

While COVID-19 continues to strike the world, TYA artists are working in various ways to overcome this challenge which no humans have experienced, using their strengths and experiences.

Yvette Hardie, who we interviewed this time, has a very deep relationship with ricca ricca*festa. She has been working for children who do not have access to performing arts for a long time before this pandemic, and for us she is a great friend who always brings us new discoveries and learnings.

She talked in the interview about the current situation and changes caused by the pandemic, challenges and issues for post-covid, and some ongoing projects happening right now.