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Messages from artists all over the world – vol.9

The Meterological Agency has officially announced the end of the rainy season. It means the summer is coming!

We received a message and photos from Piewnam (Semathai Marionette Foundation) from Bangkok, Thailand. She joined the Asian TYA Network programme in Okinawa in 2016. The network was founded in 2016 by ricca ricca*festa to establish connections with TYA professionals around Southeast Asia.

We are aware that this event affects the world. The only thing we can do is just accept the situation and live life. Just think that there are still more people who are suffering more than us. It gives me the strength to live my life to the best. To do the job that I love and pass on that love to people all over the world.

For me, work restrictions on the ground are quite difficult. We have cancelled all performances in the theatre and outside. But it is not a problem. We find ways to connect with our audience by the online channel. We have adopted our puppet theatre to the puppet studio at this time. For work online on YouTube Channel with friend puppeteer from Colombia. He worked in Thailand two years ago and is now a volunteer with our foundation in Bangkok.

This is our channel on YouTube:


(Harmony World Puppet channel)


And we invite our puppet friends around the world to join us to make a music video.

Semathai Marionette Foundation