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Messages from artists all over the world – vol.10

Alex Byrne (NIE)
“Our work is live, and it is inside a room with the audience”


Today we share the interview with Alex Byrne, artistic director of New International Encounter (NIE).

COVID-19 changed the world, our life and our way of working. It is the same in the field of performing arts.

We, ricca ricca*festa, have been thinking what we can do in this situation as an organiser of an international performing arts festival to connect people using our platform, and started to share video messages from artists and professionals around the world, thanks to their kind cooperation.

Alex is one of those who willingly accepted our suggestion. We have invited NIE’s works directed by Alex to the festival several times, and in 2017 we invited Alex to lead a workshop with Japanese and other Asian performers in Okinawa.

In the interview, Alex told us about the situation in England and of himself around COVID-19, and about their future plans. He talked about children and young people isolated during quarantine due to ‘digital poverty’ and that they are trying to find a way to support them, and about their nature of work being live with audience. It was a very inspiring interview for us.

We plan to continue such remote interviews with artists!

Here is the link to the website of I WILL BE EVERYTHING which Alex mentioned in the interview: